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SCHOOL ANTHEM rates & samples

"AMPLIFY school Pride & ELEVATE school Spirit"

SLT will create an original song unique to your school. 

You will need to provide us…

  • keywords

  • mottos

  • chants

... And anything else your school is proud of!!

Then, our professionals will take that information and provide you with an original anthem written, recorded, and produced specifically for YOUR School! 


Use this anthem for:

  • Pep rallies

  • Team intros

  • In-Game performances

  • School website

  • Social media

  • YouTube

... And to pump up the students and faculty at all campus events!

You can choose:

  • The style of music you want (Rap, Rock, Pop, EDM, & More)

  • Type of vocalist (Male or female)

... And any other specifications to create an anthem you LOVE!

PACKAGE PRICE - ​ $1,250


Or listen to
samples below...

 S A M P L E S


Capo Valley High School Anthem 2022
American Cheer Anthem 2022
Yorba Linda High School Anthem 2022
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