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HIP HOP rates & samples

All packages above are produced using cover songs from the USA Cheer approved vendors listed below. If you plan on attending a Varsity Brand event you will need to have a licensed mix using COVER SONGS. If you wish to have a non-licensed mix, please indicate this on the order form.
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Or listen to
samples below...

 S A M P L E S


Louisiana State University DIA Hip HopTYLER
University of Las Vegas DIA 2022 Hip HopTYLER
University of Las Vegas "Bank Robbers"DIA Hip Hop 2020TYLER
Carlsbad High School "Phone" Hip HopTYLER
Star Performance Center "Cleopatra" Hip HopTYLER
Footnotes Fusion Open Hip HopTYLER
Hendersonville High School Hip HopTYLER
Eaglecrest High School Hip HopTYLER
Dixie Heights High School Hip Hop TYLER


Centerville High School Hip HopTYLER
Simmons Middle School "Car Girls" Hip HopCHRIS


Collierville Middle School Hip HopTYLER
Limestone University DII "Twerk Party Mix" Hip Hop CHRIS
Ultimate All Stars Youth Hip Hop "Boom"TYLER
University of Alabama D1A Hip Hop TAYLOR
Brandon High School Hip HopTYLER
College Of Charleston Hip HopDERRICK
Innovate Dance Studio "Party" Sr Hip HopDERRICK
Bishop England High School Hip Hop DERRICK
Mehlville High School Small Varsity Hip HopCHRIS
Barbara Goleman Jewels Med Varsity Hip HopCHRIS
Buckhorn High School Hip Hop "Megan Thee Stallion"AARON
Fruita Monument High School Varsity Hip HopTAYLOR
Dance Force Studios Varsity Coed Hip Hop "Twilight Zone"DERRICK
In Your Parents Basement.jpg

  We are proud to announce In Your Parents Basement is now mixing exclusively for SLT and we welcome all IYPB customers!

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